Updated from 08 06 2023 - 16:41:55

"The only one, exclusive and particular"...

These adjectives are usually used to describe our productions


Tired of a little flattening in this area and to see always the "usual furniture", in addition to the main companies with which we work for years, now we are giving space to young companies, italian and not Italian, known in several European exhibitions, dynamic reality with highest quality of production and exclusivity, I would say "tailored".

You can touch exclusivity when you see one of our achievements in Italy and abroad, be it homes, offices or other.

In these years where everything begins and ends so quickly, five generations and more than 150 years in the industry, make us a landmark of overconfidence.

A staff of more than 10 freeelancers who are compared daily to solve all your needs.

Sincere thanks goes to all of you, to you that you give your trust and you trust in us , to you goes the merit of our success.



Andrea Ziglioli